Stucco & Steps

Stucco is a plaster used to cast wall surface or mold into a architectural decorations. There are a few types of stucco,

  1. Smooth Stucco: This type of stucco gives a smooth classic cemented look. We will used waterproofing cement to obtain this smooth stucco appearance. There are a few different colors of the cement which people desire, the most common color is dark and light gray.
  2. Rough Stucco: The type of stucco gives off a rough old fashioned look. The process is the same as the smooth stucco, however toward the end we give it a rough look.
  3. California Stucco: This stucco is known to be a very unique and fancy type of stucco, that gives off a very fancy look. It has a very long life, and is crack and break free. Mainly because on top of the plywood we use a waterproofing foam board that will protect the plywood from water, fungus or mold. On top of the plywood we use stucco to achieve the elegant look.
We use  wire mesh and waterproofing cement for stucco as well as use 2 coats of stucco to give it life of at least of 20 years.